Based in Detroit, MI

Genres:  Post-Punk, Emo, Grunge

Years Active:  2016-Present


Sean Shepard | Guitar/Vocals

Andrew Trompeter | Bass

Dylan Vanderson | Drums

BOOKING: antighostmusic@gmail.com

Raydon Studio | Keego Harbor, MI


Antighost are an Alternative Rock band that emerged from the Midwest. Drawing inspiration from the post-punk, grunge and emo scenes, they bring a high energy form of alternative rock partnered with passionate lyrics and a variety of subject matter.

Their debut EP "Wolves & Sheep" has captivated listeners with their mix of various genres and passionate hard hitting sound, while their full length album "Creatures" combined political concepts and themes into their uniquely crafted sound.

Antighost’s followed "Creatures" with their EP “ANIMAL PANIC!” (2019)  Capturing high-energy performances through their unique raw sound. "Animal Panic!" brought the band to the forefront of the Michigan music scene as the band toured tirelessly throughout 2019 before hitting the studio once again in 2020.

Antighost's latest record "All My Friends Dig Graves" marks the band’s boldest release to date. With a dark variety of subject matter, “All My Friends Dig Graves" finds Antighost stepping deeper into their post-punk roots while solidifying their intense climactic sound, ushering in a new era of grunge and emo. 

Praised for their live presence and lyrical content, Antighost continue to prove that if rock and roll is dead, it’s phantom is twice as loud.